Our Story

How it all started...

During 1924, Nicoma Park was changing from ordinary farmland to a community or town designed for chicken raising. New streets and homes were being built along with a school and new businesses. Mr. G. A. Nichols, the developer and builder of Nicoma Park, knew that no town would be complete without a church. So he offered a small lot at the corner of Nichols and Jeffords to the first church to be organized, provided a building was started within a year.
On June 24, 1928, at the close of a revival meeting in the Nicoma Park area, a group of Baptists met to organize a Missionary Baptist Church. The group was aided by Reverend W.T. Cost, Oklahoma County Associational Missionary. A moderator was elected and the following Charter Members were accepted: Rev. and Mrs. W.T. Cost, Elmo Cost, Mrs. Vanie Jones, Mr. and Mrs. B.M. Wilson, Roy and Earl Wilson, Mr. Alford Ashton, Mrs. Dollie Ellis, and Mr. and Mrs. Otho Johnston.
The first services were held in an old farmhouse on N.E. 23rd St. near the heart of Nicoma Park. Later, the congregation met in the basement of the local hardware store and in the Community Building. Many times Sunday School classes were held under the shade of a tree. We had many good families from other denominations worship with us since the Baptist church was the only church within miles.
Reverend Harvey Mitchell was called to be the first Pastor. The members used many different types of transportation. Some came to church on horse-drawn buggy "with a fringe on top," some came in flat-bed wagons or on horseback, while others walked. A few were fortunate enough to ride in a Model-T or Model-A Ford!
The materials for the first building in Nicoma Park Baptist Church cost approximately $6,800.00, and were sold to the church by G.A. Nichols on credit. Special offerings were made to pay off the indebtedness. This happened during the Great Depression Era, the church struggled like most people, but they struggled together as a unified body.

Upon completion of the first building on March 1st of 1930, there was a dedication service and laying of the cornerstone. During the first few services sawhorses and hail kegs were used for seats until enough wooden benches could be made. In the beginning of the church and throughout every building project since, there has been a real spirit of unity, with members donating labor and materials to help build and furnish the church. The first piano was donated (out of tune and minus a few keys) and used to help bring praises to Christ. For years the entire Sunday School met together in the auditorium for the Devotional Time, then curtains were pulled to form classrooms. There were no nursery facilities until 1948, so the little ones remained with their families during the service. Sometimes it was necessary to take a special offering to pay a utility bill or order literature. Occasionally, a love offering for the pastor was in the form of a grocery pounding, consisting of such things as fresh meat, a jug of milk, a dozen eggs or canned goods and staple foods.
The WMU was active from the beginning of the church. The WMU played a big part in VBS, vacation bible school. In the summer of 1930, the first VBS was held with the help of a missionary student, Rev. Orval Reed. It was complete with Bible stories, hand work, music, and even a parade and picnic. The VBS has remained an annual activity all these years; and its educational program has not been limited to our members only. The WMU many times pieced quilts or hand made clothing and tea towels from feed sacks for the Baptist Orphan's Home (now the Baptist Homes for Children) or for needy families in the community. In 1930, the church joined the Cooperative Program and began to support the Oklahoma County Associational Missions effort. The church began its financial support of the Children's Home by official vote in 1932. In the beginning, the pastor and the church families took turns cleaning the building. Since 1950, paid workers have faithfully performed this task. Before 1950, the congregation kept cool in the hot summer with cardboard fans donated by funeral homes and local merchants. A few could sit beneath the four-blade fans that hung from the ceiling. It was not unusual to huddle around a small stove to keep warm in winter.

The next fifteen years marked a period of growth in our physical facilities, church program, and individual personal growth. The original site, buildings and the original parsonage were sold. A new parsonage was built on Sewell Street, following the church approved "Future Expansion of Building Plan." Additional property was purchased and expansion occurred in stages to the current structures occupied now. Parking spaces have increased to accommodate our membership, visitors, and special events.
During these years the following programs and ministries were initiated or enhanced: Radio Ministry, Bus Ministry, Tape Ministry, Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting, Police Chaplaincy Ministry, WeCare Ministry (this service was video taped in 1993 for use as a model for other churches, and a new facility was built in 2006), Singles Ministry, Home Bound Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry, and Mission Trip Ministry (in 22 states and 11 other countries).
The Music Program continues to grow. We have been blessed with talented singers and musicians throughout the years. We were especially blessed to have Ruth Davidson and her daughter, Donna Davidson Moore, serving at the piano and organ. The Lord has provided others to grace our music as we worship Him and make a joyful noise unto our Lord. Our current music program is comprised of six choirs: three Preschool and Children's Choirs, Youth Choir (InOvation), Adult Choir (PraiSingers), and Senior Adult Choir (Cornerstone). Handbells have been used in the past, and currently an Orchestra compliments the piano and organ.
Individual, personal, and spiritual growth have been enhanced by member participation in numerous study course; Christian Witness Training, Sharing Jesus Without Fear, preparation for and participation in Billy Graham Crusades,  serving in the Bethlehem City Christmas Experience, serving at the Fall Carnival (Halloween alternative), serving in the Nursing Home Ministry, working in the Baptist Women's Mission activities, serving in Judgement House productions, and endorsement of many young persons to Baptist Colleges and Seminaries along with summer internships and career missionaries. During the past years our church has ordained over 25 deacons.
The Lord continues to bless His church at Nicoma Park, First Baptist. We recall with gratitude and humility the accomplishments over the past 80 years. It is fitting that we pay tribute to all of those present and former members who have had a part in making the First Baptist Church of Nicoma Park what it is today. A special thanks to all who have given generously and labored faithfully to provide and maintain our facilities. We express our appreciation to the many volunteers who have given of their time and talents in the service of our Lord during these 80 years. Our current resident membership is 2060.

Let us look forward in faith and expectation to even greater accomplishments for the cause of Christ in the coming years.

Expanding the vision...

Though much has changed in the last 15 years, the theme of unity has been a part of our church since it's founding. Looking to Jesus the author and perfector of our faith. (Heb. 12:2)  We continue to move forward knowing that if we are centered on Christ, nothing can shake us. 

Where we are headed...

We seek to be a body of Christ that lives out the Great Commission by fulfilling the greatest commands: Loving God with everything we have and loving our neighbors as Christ has loved us. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9:00 am and 10:30 am.